How rude was that?

1- Asking why someone does not have children. 

In my opinion I consider this behaviour is rude because maybe the person who not have children have medical problems. Also, they want to keep it personality rather than talking about it. But, In some culture the persons who not have children like to discuss with others about this problems maybe feel comfortable or wait to give them some advice about the problems.

2- Bringing your dog into a restaurant.

In my opinion I see this behaviour is very rude because when I decide to go to the restaurant I want to change my daily routine and feel relax with my family because my daughter feel scared of doges. Also, I see this behaviour not show on etiquette manner inside the restaurant. However, In other culture this behaviour is not rude and normal things from their daily lifestyle.

3- Kissing in public.

In my opinion this behaviour is very very vary rude because is contrary to Islamic law and our customs and traditions. But, In other culture this behaviour is very normal and like to doing in front of people to show themselves.  


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