Three colors stories



  1. Alvie eats soup story:

This type of story shows one type of the three Colors worldview, which is Honor/shame. There are some examples that show the shame in Alvie’s story, for example: when Alvie’s dad said: “ Alvie granny was a world-famous chef “. This attitude shows how Alvie’s dad feels of shame because his son only eats soup whereas his grandmother is a famous chef. In addition to that, when grandmother send foods as a gift to Alvie (grandson), Alvie’s dad lied when he wrote the letter to his mother by writing that Alvie loved the food while he did not.

  1. Robot race story: 

The scenario of this story clarifies type of the three Colors worldview, which is Innocence/guilt society because Tanktop cheats Squeaky. For example, Tanktop stoles Cyber Sid’s memory chip. In addition, Tanktop rest Betty Byte’s build-in alarm clock to let Squeaky be late from the race and beings the winner. Added to that, Tanktop creates create a lot of problems for Squeaky. For instance, he puts nails, oil and cuts Squeaky’s telescopic arms. However, in the end of the story, Squeaky won the race, which indicate that being cheat is always loser and being honest is always winner.


  1. The Gruffalo:

The scenario of this story explains another type of the three Colors worldview, which is power/fear. According to the story, the mouse was very arrogant. He exploits his relationship with the Gruffalo to fear the Snack and the Fox. When the mouse described the Gruffalo, he said, “ he has a terrible tusks, terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws “ which makes the snack and fox to be afraid. In addition, he used many characteristic to described the Gruffalo like his eyes orange, his tongue is black and he has purple prickles all over his back in order to create fear and make a sense of power.



Group members:

Fatima Yousuf

Salma Ahmed

Manal Jasim

Alyazi Helal


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