The Ethnocentrism ….


1- Find 3 things about a different culture that you didn’t know before:


Romanian is the only Romance language in Eastern Europe



Romania’s national currency is Leu, which means lion (English)


Don’t touch anyone on the head unless you want trouble

download.jpeg2- What are some problems with ethnocentrism in the UAE?

In the UAE’s culture men can not have girl friend. It against the Islamic law and traditional of the UAE. All men in the UAE prefer to get married instead of being in illegally relationship with women before married. Moreover, most of marriages  in the UAE are arrange marriages. Added to that, most of Emirate families prefer to choose suitable groom for their daughters such as: educated, good job and generous.

3- How could these problems be overcome?

The UAE culture based from Islamic law (sharia). All Islamic law proceeded that men and women should get married instead of being illegally relationship. The UAE culture is very different from other cultures. Moreover, in other cultures being in relationship before marriage is acceptable there. Both cultures (UAE & other cultures ) should understand and accept what they believe . It is  most important thing is that they have to achieve their country’s or organization’s goals so, they have to avoid the barriers which affect negatively to their goals.


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